May, 2011 Monthly archive

Art in the Streets is currently on show at the MOCA in LA, it’s the first time a major US museum has documented the history and phenomenal rise of graffiti and street art. I checked it out over the weekend.

I have to say this show was pretty incredible. The sheer depth and breadth of work was astounding, from the black books of early pioneers such as Duro (CIA) and Tracy168, rarely seen folio’s of Henry Chalfant’s documentation of the NYC train bombing scene in the 1970’s right through to more mainstream ‘street art’ giants like Banksy and Shep Fairey.

Highlights: An entire room dedicated to the neon madness of Ramellzee, complete with his own soundtrack, early canvasses from Futura 2000, Keith Haring and Phase 2, a smaller but impressive recreation of the Street Market exhibition by Barry McGee, Espo and Reas, a somewhat strange inclusion of works by Craig Stecyk III, an early documenter and pioneer of the skate culture and associated art scene in LA during the 70s and 80s and an amazing airbrushed Chicano ice cream van. There was also a large installation by Os Gemeos, a duo I’ve never really paid much attention to but I did quite like. Dubious elements: A big corner devoted to Earsnot/IRAK, an entire room for a pretty weak installation by hipster paper-slicer Swoon, the inclusion of Neckface, oh, and no Bäst pieces. I was also impressed to see a newspaper dispenser heavily stickered by COST, sadly no Revs, though he was credited.

Anyway, here’s some pictures: