July, 2012 Monthly archive

Since my post about Facebook and PayPal’s branding a couple of weeks ago, PayPal have rolled out a much improved UI, so an update to that post is in order.

In short: This is a vast improvement. The overall UI has been improved greatly by simplifying the primary navigation into three main signposts: Buy, Sell, Transfer, which makes perfect sense as these are after all PayPal’s core services. The login is now at the top of the page in its own menu bar with tabs to toggle between services for individuals and businesses.

The overall visual language is much more friendly, the typography is clean and the messaging much simplified. Simplicity is the keyword with this redesign and the copy reflects that with its humanist approach, we now finally feel that humans may actually work at PayPal, rather than the robots that must have been responsible for previous iterations.

The main image on the homepage is a little cliché however — aaah the faceless couple stare out across the beautiful lake, they are at perfect peace to enjoy the simplicity of nature now that all their online payment woes are handled safely and securely by their trusty friend: PayPal. Vomit. Aah well, still a huge improvement on the dreadful mid 90s stock they were using up until last week.

As you click deeper into the site the layout continues with the simple approach. Copy is kept to a minimum and rather nice illustrations help drive the point home, with prominent and descriptive buttons guiding you to where you want to be.

Sadly, this all falls apart once you login, as you are then back to the clunky old interface that’s been in place for years. I can only assume that a rethink is underway and will be updated sometime soon—but it is somewhat telling—they’ve added a new cosmetic surface to appeal to new customers, but the underlying product and service design is exactly the same: Unwieldy, convoluted and generally displeasing. Now there’s a tagline.